Jeff V. Poole

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Jeff V. Poole has spent over 40 years of study in Vedic science. He is proficient in Vedic Astrology, Vedic Meditation, Sanskrit, Vedic Breathing techniques, and more. He is currently the founder, and CEO of Vedic Counsel Inc., a Vedic counseling firm headquartered in the Denver, Colorado area, with a team of skilled Vedic Astrologer partners from around the world. Vedic Counsel’s team of partners serve a growing client base of individuals, small to midsize businesses, and business owners seeking in-depth counseling for major life issues, career directional changes, business ventures, strategic planning, strategy formation, business leadership, life purpose transition, spiritual transformation, stage of life transitions, and relationships. Vedic Counsel provides the highest quality accuracy, insight and expertise to assist its clients in meeting their any of their Jyotisha needs. Prior to founding Vedic Counsel, Jeff celebrated a successful 27-year career in High Technology Computers and Networking, in Silicon Valley, CA, with Grid Systems, Informix, and 3Com Corporation. And in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA with Intel Corp, and MSI Consulting Group. His specialties are Partnership & Strategic Alliances, Marketing Channel Partners, Routes to Market Strategy, Internet Marketing, and Sales.

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