Jim Carson

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Jim Carson, PhD, is a former yogic monk (aka Swami Vimarshananda Saraswati) who has taught the practices and philosophy of yoga worldwide for over 45 years.

Jim is now a clinical health psychologist and associate professor of Anesthesiology, and of Psychiatry, at Oregon Health & Science (OHSU) in Portland, OR. Along with his wife Kimberly, he has applied his expertise to the development and evaluation of yoga and meditation-based clinical treatments, including the first mindfulness program for couples, the first loving-kindness meditation program for medical patients, and the Mindful Yoga program.

Jim also works extensively with patients suffering from persistent pain, including those with fibromyalgia, low back pain, and cancer pain. Jim co-directs with Kimberly national professional trainings for yoga teachers and allied health professionals at OHSU, Duke Integrative Medicine, and VA Centers. Together with Kimberly and Duke colleague Carol Krucoff, Jim authored the book Relax Into Yoga for Chronic Pain. Whenever not chauffeuring his kiddos to soccer, Jim turns into a mountain goat and escapes into the Cascade Range for backpacking or snowboarding adventures. To learn more, visit mindfulyogaworks.com.