Keith Mitchell

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Keith Mitchell is a former All-Pro NFL football player turned internationally renowned celebrity yogi. As a motivational mindfulness coach,  holistic health and wellness advocate, community activist and humanitarian, he is committed to providing holistic tools that help others achieve optimal health, harmony and aliveness to the fullest degree.

A life changing football injury left Keith partially paralyzed, he utilized yoga and meditation to fully recover, he now shares his inspirational transformation with others as a highly sought after spiritual lifestyle/ wellness coach, teacher and motivational speaker. Although Keith’s football accident forced him into an early retirement, it led him to his true life’s calling—inspiring others to move beyond survivor and victim consciousness to full empowerment.  Keith is a leader and exemplary teacher for people dealing with emotional and physical suffering. His personal shift from a professional sports athlete to spiritual luminary allows him to mentor from experience with full transparency and authenticity;  utilizing his many years of Yoga and meditation training combined with his stellar PRO athlete expertise.

When you realize that you can participate in your own healing process, you are no longer the victim. —KM59

As the founder of the The Light it Up Foundation , Keith considers altruism and service as his life’s purpose—the most rewarding position he has ever played—sharing his mindfulness skills Yoga and meditation certification whether for peak performance and self-awareness to help others heal from the inside and out. Keith’s mission is to guide others to find the power within themselves to make a positive shift, so they may live a life full of joy, gratitude, and purpose.

Keith has been featured in NFL Films, People Magazine, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Essence, Origin, Yoga Journal, The Huffington Post, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (Bravo) and in many more national media outlets.