Kim Chestney

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Kim Chestney is the author of Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power. A globally recognized intuition teacher, business leader, and founder of IntuitionLab, Kim has been pioneering a new vision of “insightfulness” as the next step in our personal and societal transformation.

Working at the nexus of spirituality, creativity, and human destiny, her groundbreaking work has enabled thousands of people worldwide to live extraordinary lives with the power of intuition. Kim leads life-changing intuition retreats, online courses, and workshops that lead individuals deeper into the awareness of their true, inner nature and the powerful reality of the world beyond.
Kim lives in Pittsburgh, PA, and serves a thriving international intuition community for the new millennium. Her pioneering work has been featured by ABC News, SXSW, The Shift Network, the Omega Institute, Spirituality & Health, Coast to Coast AM, Mantra Wellness, Energy Medicine Magazine, the Aware Show, New World Library, and Simon & Shuster, among others.

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