Kunwar Gadhok

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Kunwar Gadhok began meditating with his dad when he was nine years old—without knowing he was actually meditating. He loved the calm and peace after the meditations, and as he got older he wanted to dive even deeper and find that peaceful space again. He studied various meditation teachers, practiced many different meditations, and read the ancient scriptures.
For many years, Kunwar has taught and led meditation sessions and breathing practices in public settings, universities, and corporate organizations, including Microsoft, Google, Expedia, and Amazon. He continues to be inspired by the transformations in his students as they experience more peace, clarity, better sleep, better relationships, and just feeling happier. Kunwar graduated from Columbia Business School and was growing quickly in the corporate world. However, as he experienced the life-changing transformation for himself and many of his students, he wondered how he could give back even more to the world. He was really lucky to have his amazing wife, Rachna, an internal medicine doctor and fellow Columbia graduate, on the journey with him. They decided to dedicate their lives to bringing the gifts of meditation and Ayurveda to as many people around the world as possible and in December of 2018 decided to work full time with the Art of Living on a mission “to see a smile on every single face on the planet.”

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