Laura Koniver, MD

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Laura Koniver, MD, is an author, holistic physician, and speaker, who is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading grounding advocates.

She runs a popular healthcare blog on her website, leads online health classes in holistic medicine, has been featured as an expert protagonist in four motion pictures on the healing power of grounding: The Grounded, Heal For Free, Down To Earth, and The Earthing Movie.

Dr. Koniver authors a routine health column for the national organic lifestyle magazine MaryJanesFarm, published the first children’s book on the healing practice of grounding, titled From The Ground Up, and authored the inaugural grounding book written by a female physician, The Earth Prescription. This book delves into the science behind grounding, introducing a novel field of medicine termed Conductive Medicine by Dr. Koniver who believes Conductive Medicine is the future of medicine and will completely transform health and longevity as we know it. To find out more, visit:

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