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Loch Kelly, M.Div., LCSW, is the author of the best-selling The Way of Effortless Mindfulness.. He is a licensed psychotherapist and international leader in the field of mindfulness. Loch is the founder of the non-profit, Open-Hearted Awareness Institute and has worked in community mental health, established homeless shelters, and counseled family members of 9/11. Loch graduated from Columbia University where he received a traveling fellowship to Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. Loch collaborates with neuroscientists at Yale, UPenn, and NYU in the study of how awareness training can enhance compassion and well-being. effortlessmindfulness.org

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The Way of Effortless Mindfulness with Loch Kelly

“Effortless mindfulness” is a new way to immediately enter an optimal flow state available to us in the midst of our busy lives. Drawing from neuroscience, psychology, and ancient wisdom traditions, award-winning author Loch Kelly offers a practical guide to experiencing the next stage in the ongoing mindfulness revolution: effortless mindfulness. Learn how to enter an optimal

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Effortless Mindfulness: Meditation For Pain Relief

What is Pain? Pain is a normal part of human life. And pain hurts. Although pain feels like a threat, pain is not attacking us. Pain is designed to help us survive. Pain and pleasure are signals. Pain is a signal that something is out of balance in your emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical life

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Meditation: How to Shift from Head to Heart

In this video of glimpse practices from his book, Shift Into Freedom, Loch shows us some ways to immediately shift out of our chattering mind and into open-hearted awareness. We learn to unhook awareness from the “thinker” and come back to our senses, ending in our heart space. This heart space is not the physical

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