Mari Perron

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Mari Perron – From the time of her struggles as a rebellious teen, to being a young single mother, and on to working her way (as she thought of it) from shame to respectability, Mari was writing. As she wrote, she thought she “dealt with” her feelings. Mari’s opportunity to do more than “deal” would come. In the tender and revealing time of her friend Mary Love’s grief, after the loss of her infant daughter, a door opened for her to be vulnerable too. Three years later, Mary’s dream of a “new course in miracles” alerted Mari to the nature of a call she’d been feeling for over a year, and in 1998, she became the first receiver of A Course of Love, following in the footsteps of Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles.
This new course asked that Mari, and each of us, turn to our hearts, forgive the past, be vulnerable enough to share ourselves in the present, and be creative and collaborative visionaries, creating a new future. This Course, meant to be for the heart what A Course in Miracles is to the mind, is now widely read, and available in four foreign languages, with more on the way.
A lifelong writer, Mari also wrote The Given Self, Creation of the New, and collaborated with Mary Love on The Grace Trilogy. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband Donny and cat Simeon, has three grown children, and four grandsons.