Marina Veron

Marina min

I was born (May 21, 1951) and raised in Paramaribo, Suriname, a multi cultural and racial society. My mother was from Puerto Rican, and my father was Dutch from Holland. Unlike most white people living in Suriname, when we were little our mother took us to the jungle for vacations. We bathed in the river (with piranhas) and slept in hammocks under a thatch roof, near the village of the bushpeople.
Having lived on several continents in different countries taught me to speak four languages.
My work has been very varied and always connecting with people.
I was a flight attendant with KLM, worked in marketing, sales and in real estate.
For about 4 years I was a radio d.j. where I had my own show.
In 2005 I learned the art of dowsing and 2006 I had a professional training in geobiology and ecological construction, in Bretagne, France. I still am active in the field and also offer lectures. Since five years I am into shamanism. There is a strong connection to this practice. I have studied and practiced gnostic anthropology for four years in Lyon. For the past twenty eight years I have been living in France. Four years ago I started facilitating workshops, in Europe and in the United States.