Marisa Renee Lee

Marisa Renee Lee 2023 Headshot Bio

Marisa Renee Lee is a called upon expert in coping with grief and author of the national best seller, Grief is Love, Living with Loss. In 2008, after a lengthy and courageous battle, she lost her mother to cancer. This loss transformed her life and led her to question what grief really is and what healing truly requires. In Grief is Love, Marisa utilizes research-based advice and wisdom to help others navigate the complicated and challenging emotions we face when experiencing loss, offering unique insights for women and Black communities.

Marisa is truly a rabble-rouser of social healing: a former appointee in the Obama White House; former managing director of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance; co-founder of the digital platform Supportal; and founder of The Pink Agenda; a national organization dedicated to raising money for breast cancer care, research, and awareness.

She is a regular contributor to The Atlantic, Vogue, MSNBC, and CNN. She is a graduate of Harvard, an avid home cook, and a Green Bay Packers fan. She lives in New York with her husband Matt, son Bennett, and the world’s greatest dog, Sadie.

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