Mary Love

Mary Love

Mary Love is the author of Grace, a book that came into being after her infant daughter’s death opened a place that no parent would wish to go.  Even before Grace was born, dreams, foreshadowing the shape of future events concerning her child began. After Grace’s death, Mary’s dream life and the dream lives of two close friends, Mari Perron and Julieanne Carver, began skyrocketing–demonstrating that life does not end, and we are forever connected in or out of time. Mary’s book Grace, embraces a journey filled with confusion and ultimate love. From the judging of “why did this happen?” to the understanding that the “why” no longer mattered, love’s path revealed wholeness. Forgiveness washes away all misunderstandings of truth.

Mary studied film theory and how messages are transmitted. Having lived in Latin America when younger, Anthropology later became a natural point of entry at the University of Minnesota. The act of documenting what it means to truly be alive is reflected in all Mary is drawn to in life. She continues to work closely with Mari Perron via video and writing. This creative partnership has spanned 25 years with an intriguing focus on dialogue opening a new frontier of spiritual awareness.

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