Michael Prieto

Mychal Prieto Inner Dimesion

Mychal Prieto is an ex-collegiate athlete with an education in Kinesiology & Exercise Science. He has been a Functional Strength coach since 2011, Certified Strong First Instructor since 2014, and began teaching yoga after completing his 200-hour Holistic Yoga Flow teacher training with Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom. Mychal works with private clients, a plethora of celebrities, & major corporations helping his students to increase strength, mobility, body-awareness, and self-confidence through conscious movement focusing on form and technique. In addition to his 10+ years of experience training with Kettlebells, Mychal is also a certified TRX and Animal Flow instructor. From functional strength training to yoga, Mychal uses a wide variety of methods to help his students move pain-free with confidence.