Namrata Verma


Namrata Verma, BS, MS, is an Instructor with the Art of Living. She’s also a software engineer by profession. Her father is an allopathic Western Medicine doctor in India. Growing up in the medical community she naturally acquired the healing mindset. While watching her grandfather she was more inclined towards a holistic way of life, yoga, and meditation. He introduced her to various Ayurvedic herbs and common home remedies. When she read a book on Ayurveda, she was fascinated by the body constitution knowledge, everything started to make sense for her, she could recognize any imbalances she or others may have and what better suits our unique body types.

She studied Ayurveda with the Art of Living, Dr. Vasant Lad. She’s a certified Dincharya workshop instructor and a Marma therapist. In order to deepen her knowledge, Namrata is currently pursuing her Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Certification from Kerala Ayurveda Academy. Her mission is to make Ayurveda a household name in the West so people benefit from this amazing science, find peace, and good health.