Pari Patri

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Pari Patri is an Award-winning women’s empowerment leader, entrepreneur, certified Heart Math trainer, energy worker, and meditation teacher.

Pari is the daughter of spiritual leader Brahmarshi Subhash Patri, the founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. She has been practicing and teaching meditation since she was five years old and has had the opportunity to learn from various masters, gurus, and teachers from all over the world,  devoting many years to learning about Pyramid Power and spiritual science. Pari moved to the US where she earned a Masters in Engineering, successfully working in corporate America for more than a decade until certain circumstances and challenges forced her to sit back and reflect. It was then that Pari realized her spiritual life had taken a backseat—she had to get back to her roots and get in touch with her inner power to create the life she really wanted. Today, Pari is a mother, an entrepreneur, founder of Cosmic Moon, Cosmic Reset, and CEO of Enforce N Peace. She helps other ‘successful, but stuck’ women create the realities they dream about. She also brings meditation for performance and productivity to the corporate world.