Penny Smith, BSN, RN, CHPN

Hospice Nurse Penny Smith

Penny Smith, BSN, RN, CHPN, is a nationally certified hospice and palliative care registered nurse. She has been a hospice nurse for 17+ years and worked in a variety of care settings and roles within hospice including inpatient, home case management, education, quality and regulatory. She currently works as a hospice quality manager for an organization in Washington state, operating three home hospice locations and an inpatient care center.

Penny is a passionate advocate for hospice education with a mission to normalize the end-of-life process to remove the stigma and fear around hospice care, death and dying. During the pandemic Penny found her way to social media and discovered a unique way to utilize her death care expertise to provide education to a worldwide audience at a grassroots level. Using a variety of teaching styles including Tiktok trends, dark humor, dancing and
storytelling, she has gathered over 590k followers on Tiktok, 139k on Instagram, and 90k on YouTube as @hospicenursepenny.