Rajshree Patel

Rajshree Patel Headshot

Rajshree Patel is one of the most influential teachers today in the field of personal and spiritual development. She has taught Sudarshan Kriya and the Art of Living programs to hundreds of thousands of people in every walk of life all over the world.

A highly sought-after trainer and inspirational speaker, Rajshree has given talks and led programs at organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, Lyft, NBC Universal, IBM, LinkedIn, Gap, Bloom Energy, the United Nations, UNESCO, and India’s renowned IIT, amongst many others.

She continues to travel the world offering a remarkable range of programs, including stress management, leadership, diversity management, conflict resolution, relationships, child rearing, communication, most important in today’s world social responsibility, and of course, yoga, meditation and breathing. Rajshree has personally established over 45 Art of Living chapters and has been instrumental in establishing over 600 meditation centers and a number of retreat centers across the globe.

“Love, joy, sharing—all that is precious in life is really beyond any meaning, any purpose. Life when lived in its totality is the end in itself and beginning in itself.”