Robin Aisha Landsong

robin portait

Robin Aisha Landsong was eight years old when she was abducted from the US, and taken to Rhodesia, Africa, at the height of the Rhodesian War. After the abductor assaulted and abandoned her, she made her way to a rural village. Two women healed her by giving mothering love and belonging through their singing and touch. The rural African women and men who saved her life taught her how to listen for the medicine song that each person carries within them. Now Robin sings the medicine songs she hears from the land and from within each person, so we can remember the ways we all belong. Her experiences opened and inspired her to become a visual artist, writer, medium, and health intuitive. For the past sixteen years, she has had the privilege to give over 13,000 craniosacral therapy and singing medicine healing sessions. She helps people come home to themselves, to reignite their creativity, and to directly experience their Divine connection. She is an international speaker on healing trauma and reaching forgiveness, and author of Love Bravely.  To see her near-death inspired visual art, and hear singing medicine, visit