Roderick “Rod” Echols

Rod Headshot 2020 scaled

Rod Echols is a certified sound therapist who has been leading individual and group facilitation since 1997. He integrates deep emotional work with sound therapy, further rooting his work with clarity, depth, and balance.As a young man in the early 1980s, Rod witnessed the Art Ensemble of Chicago shower people with sound before the term sound bath/sound meditation became a “thing.” It was in seeing how the audiences were moved and shifted during the various points of a performance that started Rod on the long path of becoming a sound therapist. Having also worked in the world of technology and achieving Master Inventor status, Rod combines the spiritual, scientific and practical aspects of sound and vibration to assist individuals and groups into states of well-being. Rod has also spent time throughout the years playing bass guitar and creating music with various musicians in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.