Sophie Frabotta

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Sophie Frabotta stands out as a distinguished figure in the realm of Spiritual Life Coaching, with an impressive track record of over 10,000 hours of one-on-one experience and a globally recognized Spiritual Life Coach Certification.

Beyond conventional methods, Sophie offers a unique approach to healing – she doesn’t merely alleviate suffering; instead, she guides individuals in discovering and addressing their own sources of distress. Drawing from her journey of overcoming anxiety, depression, and bulimia, she shares profound healing techniques. Having transformed her own body, mind, and spirit, Sophie is now devoted to empowering others to lift the burdens that hinder personal growth, allowing a renewed self to emerge.

Sophie challenges the belief that one must endure past conditions causing suffering, advocating that healing is possible for anything one wishes to overcome. This transformative journey is not about attaining perfection but a shift in understanding that paves the way to freedom. Sophie Frabotta is dedicated to helping individuals navigate this inner spiritual healing work and unlock the path to a more liberated and empowered life.