Sunny Dawn Johnston

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As a young child, Sunny Dawn Johnston’s unusual ability to communicate with spirit caused her friends to reject her, creating feelings of loneliness and isolation. At the age of 18, she suffered a stroke while giving birth to her first child. Three days after becoming a new mom, doctors were convinced she was days away from dying and recommended she sign away her rights to her baby boy…
That was the moment in which Sunny embraced the very gift for which her peers alienated her. The guidance she received from Archangel Raphael during that fearful time saved her life. Since then, she has endured great adversity and loss, including being almost homeless with a newborn baby and having three miscarriages; but she also learned to use her experiences and her gifts to rewrite her story and help countless others heal themselves. Today, Sunny is a world-renowned psychic-medium, angel communicator, best-selling author, and transformation specialist who has brought clarity, solace and meaningful connection to thousands worldwide through transmitted messages from angels, guides, and departed loved ones. For more information, visit

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