Dr. Susan Brown

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Dr. Susan Brown PhD, anthropologist and nutritionist, is the founder of the Center for Better Bones and the Better Bones Foundation. She has pioneered the natural approach to life-long bone health for more than 40 years, authoring several books including the bestselling Acid-Alkaline Food Guide, Better Bones, Better Body: Beyond Estrogen and Calcium, and the forthcoming Better Bones Solution.

As an anthropologist and clinical nutritionist Dr. Brown has combined time-honored ancient wisdom with state-of-the-art modern science in the development of her comprehensive 6-step Better Bones, Better Body Program. Her groundbreaking program has guided tens of thousands to maximize their bone strength naturally while optimizing overall health—building Better Bones and a Better Body. Dr. Brown has shown that using only natural methods, nearly everyone can build strong bones for life and enjoy long, active, happy lives.

With the mission of empowering all health-seekers to take charge of their bone health, she has developed betterbones.com to share the most cutting edge bone health research and resources including articles and educational videos.