Dinacharya: The Ayurvedic Daily Routine

The Ayurvedic Daily Routine

The Ayurvedic
Daily Routine

According to Ayurveda, establishing a healthy and consistent daily routine that helps your body become in tune with the cycles of nature promotes optimal wellness, balance, happiness, and longevity. Dinacharya helps you craft a personal daily routine based on your body type or constitution.

We are a part of nature and our mind-body complex is dominated by the tridoshas, bioenergies constituted by the qualities of the five elements of nature in varying combinations. Syncing up our daily routine with these dosha cycles will ensure we have the right balance of energy, vitality and good health.

Benefits of Dinacharya

  • Helps maintain optimal wellness
  • Supports healthy digestion and absorption
  • Detoxifies the body at regular intervals
  • Keeps the mind light, pleasant, and happy
  • Helps maintain the circadian rhythm
  • Balances the tridoshas

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