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Meditation Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Live With Purpose, Joy & Confidence

Our Art of Living signature retreats are transformational. They are a unique blend of ancient timeless wisdom, combined with modern mindfulness based approaches that bring you the very best in health and wellness. Millions of people around the globe continue to experience the benefits of Art of Living retreats – a testament to the efficacy of the wisdom and techniques we share with you. With the right tools, a centered state of mind is possible, here and now.

Happiness in the Now

We know it can be easy to lose sight of inner peace and happiness by the constant bombardment of thoughts. The mind feels too busy, tired or overwhelmed – regretting the past or worrying about the future. We also understand the effects of increasing demands in contemporary life and the challenges they pose to mental health, relationships and the ability to simply be at peace with life under any circumstance. With our simple, powerful techniques to connect within and create a steady mind – you can feel light, clear, calm and present to each moment, wherever you are.


Create a better life.

Happiness Retreat

Discover practical, self-empowering tools using the breath for greater joy, reduced stress, increased confidence and abiding happiness!

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Silent Retreat

Go deep within on a profound journey of physical, mental and spiritual renewal. Break free from mental chatter and emerge recharged and refreshed.

Meditation Retreat

Calm the mind effortlessly with a practice to tame even the busiest of minds. Learn a simple, effective meditation technique that’s easy to practice in daily life.

"As for the Happiness retreat itself... Words cannot describe it. Literally. I arrived with 25 strangers and left with a deep love of each one of them in their own unique and special way. I was moved to tears, I laughed, I smiled, I worked, I relaxed more deeply than I thought humanly possible. If you are here reading this, then run (don't walk) to the program nearest you and let the next beautiful chapter of your life begin."
— FullPak, TripAdvisor

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