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Imagine if you could…learn how to create the best life possible with the help and support of one of the most respected life-coaches in the country and New York Times best-selling author.

Buddhist Rinpoche Lama Migmar

Connect to the true source of mindfulness and learn to calm your mind with a leading Buddhist monk honored by the Dalai Lama. 

Discover how to heal yourself naturally with an internationally recognized herbal alchemist and physician.

Julia Cameron From the Artist's Way

Free your creative spirit with an international best-selling author and artist.When it comes to personal growth in any capacity – be led by the experts. Allow their experience and know-how to enhance your life, today and always.

Upcoming Programs

Sep 22 - Oct 02
Featured Presenters Yoga & Teacher Trainings

Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training

Jurian Hughes

Missy Brown

Chakra Fusion Immersion: Modules 1 and 2

Learn More
Sep 28-30
Featured Presenters Spiritual

Martha Beck: Navigating the Storm

Martha Beck

Finding Peace and Purpose in Uncertain Times

Learn More
Oct 12-14
Featured Presenters Self Discovery

The Agreements of Love

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Don Jose Ruiz

An intimate retreat with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. & don Jose

Learn More
Oct 19-21
Featured Presenters Spiritual

Dive Deep: Kristen Oliver’s Fall Women’s Retreat

Kristen Oliverr

Reveal Yourself. Discover your Purpose. And create a life you love!

Learn More
Oct 19-21
Featured Presenters Spiritual

Life is a Playground

Kyle Cease

This is not motivation. This is not inspiration. This is TRUE transformation.

Learn More
Oct 19-21
Featured Presenters Spiritual

Embody Life: Yoga, Meditation, and Connection

Fundraiser for the School of Wholeness and Enlightenment

Exploring the Edges of Human Experience

Learn More
Oct 26-28
Featured Presenters Spiritual Yoga & Teacher Trainings

Nada Yoga Sound Healing

Bhagavan Das

Find Your Voice

Learn More
Nov 02-04
Featured Presenters Spiritual

You Deserve to Thrive

Dara Kurtz and Garth Callaghan

Start Making the Most of Life

Learn More
Nov 07-11
Family & Relationships Featured Presenters Yoga & Teacher Trainings

Radiant Child Yoga Training

Shakta Khalsa

Sharing Yoga & Mindfulness with Children

Learn More
Nov 09-11
Creative Expression Featured Presenters Self Discovery

The Artist’s Way: Blasting Through Blocks

Julia Cameron

Is it time to stop telling yourself, it’s too late?

Learn More
Nov 11-16
Featured Presenters Spiritual Yoga & Teacher Trainings

Chair Yoga Teacher Training

Brenda Yarnold & Nancy Hedeen

Adapt traditional yoga postures to the chair to suit bodies of different physical ability

Learn More
Nov 16-18
Featured Presenters Spiritual

The Shamanic Path

Dr. Steven Farmer

Integrating Shamanism Into Your Life and Work

Learn More
Nov 30 - Dec 02
Featured Presenters Spiritual

Beyond Pain Management

Dr. Howard Schubiner

Helping clients to eliminate pain rather than managing it

Learn More
Feb 15-17
Family & Relationships Featured Presenters

‘Make it Work’ – Couples Retreat

Tony Gaskins Jr.

The science behind a healthy relationship

Learn More
Mar 07-10
Featured Presenters Meditation & Mindfulness Spiritual

Destination Meditation – Retreat & Renew

Stormy Lake

A Restorative Sacred Soul Journey

Learn More
Mar 15-17
Featured Presenters Meditation & Mindfulness Spiritual

Everyday Bhakti – Walk in Devotion

Jai Uttal

Living Your Life in Devotion

Learn More
"It was a huge surprise – a positive one. It was a refreshing week where I could relax a lot... "
Happiness Here
— Ariyana Swardis

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