Throughout time people have gathered around fires to join in community to share stories, sing, dance, play music or to simply enjoy the warmth of the fire at the end of a peaceful day.

Every weekend our fire circle welcomes guests, staff and volunteers alike for a joyful end-of-day gathering. Whether you wish to enjoy conversation with new friends or prefer a quiet moment of contemplation – we invite everyone to share in the spirit of coming together in the simplicity of a fireside gathering.

Saturdays 8:15 – 9:30pm
If you play an instrument, bring it along!

*The fire circle is weather dependant.

“It’s really just about connecting with other people and creating somewhat deeper connections than you would normally do in a day with a group of random strangers.
You can be friends with someone for years and not feel as close as somebody that you connect with here.”
Annie A.

“The experience was beautiful beyond words…one thing I will not forget ever is gazing at the clearest sky full of stars that I have ever seen. What an amazing experience!”
- B. M.