Rejuvenate from within! Meditation offers deep rest for mind and body. Our guided meditation sessions are suitable for beginners to advanced.

If you’ve ever observed your mind you may notice it can oscillate from happy to neutral to unhappy throughout the day. How exhausting! Through meditation we can begin to choose whether or not we engage with each thought. When the mind is still, we are at peace. Meditation is a way of creating and cultivating that stillness.

What to Expect

Starting a meditation practice can feel like a journey into the unknown, but it can be one of the greatest of your life. Experiencing one our 20 minute guided meditation sessions is an ideal introduction.

All you need to do when you arrive is take a seat on a chair, or seated on the floor if you prefer, settle into the room and await the meditation instructor to begin. They will start with a guided breathing exercise — drawing attention to the breath helps focus the mind inward and away from outer distractions. Keep your spine tall and, if seated, both feet on the ground. When the guided meditation begins, place your palms on your knees and either close your eyes or keep your gaze soft, whichever is more comfortable for you. Then listen to the meditation guide’s voice; there is no need to try to ‘meditate’ — if you simply follow the instruction you will gradually find yourself in meditation. If thoughts arise, bring your focus back onto your breath or just let the thoughts pass by without following them. When the meditation concludes you are welcome to remain seated and absorb the experience or leave and float on out into the world! You may feel relaxed, energized or something entirely different. Each individual’s experience of meditation is totally unique and can vary each day. So if you are unsure after your first meditation, try again and see what happens. The beauty of meditation is that over time it can enhance your life like nothing else.

“…some of the best and most authentic yoga and meditation teachers anywhere.”

– Organic Spa Magazine

Daily 11.00am – noon & 6.00 – 6.30pm

Chairs, cushions and blankets provided.

“While I do practice yoga daily I had never participated in a guided meditation and now I know what has been missing. I cannot wait to return. Thank you for such a joyful experience.”
- Amber R.