In the pottery studio you are free to play and learn—we welcome beginners to advanced. You can gain hands-on experience in throwing on the wheel, hand-building and decorating handmade pots. We take care of the details for you so you can focus on the craft—we provide the kiln, clay, equipment, and everything you need. Once you get on the wheel and start spinning, you can rest assured that we’ll fire the piece and even mail it to you (or you can collect it on your next visit). Pottery provides the perfect outlet for connecting to your inner creative source. Creating art is perhaps one of the most fun ways to cultivate present moment awareness and when you’re in a retreat environment and relaxed, your creativity is more readily available to you than during the busyness of life. Your mind is clearer, allowing the creative part of you to take over and the fresh mountain air and abundance of nature stimulates your creative juices. Dive into your creative nature and learn something new! Explore the art of pottery and create a memorable piece to remind you of your experience at the Center. Be inspired.

“My stay at the center exceeded all expectations. The staff at the retreat center was extremely attentive, caring for every small detail with full interest in my well being. The rooms were lovely, and the surrounding mountains are absolutely spectacular. I felt a deep sense of lightness and health upon departure.”
- M. B.

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Our peak season runs April–November, so space fills up quickly during that time.