Yoga is a holistic and energizing practice, integrating mind, body, and spirit. The techniques of Hatha yoga are taught by professional, authentic instructors in a light and joyful, but thorough manner — suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced practitioners. Different teachers offer hatha yoga from various schools, including Sri Sri Yoga, Sivananda, Kundalini and Jivamukti.

What to Expect

Our one hour yoga class will typically begin with a centering practice to calm the mind, allowing you to tune into your body and become aware of how you feel at that time. This may then flow into a breathing practice to soothe the nervous system and shift the body out of a ‘mind/thinking’ state and to the present moment. Warm ups follow with movements flowing with breath and the class then continues into the yoga asanas (poses). You will be encouraged to consciously breath as you move, for example inhale as your arms rise, exhale as your arms lower. Conscious breathing in yoga is what distinguishes it from other exercise — it is a way to draw the attention inward, cultivate presence and unite the mind, body and spirit into harmony. The sequence of poses then culminates in savasana (relaxation). This is primarily for deep relaxation and for the body to integrate the practice and the effects of each pose.

Our meditation sessions begin shortly after the yoga classes, and you are invited to stay or continue your day.

“…some of the best and most authentic yoga and meditation teachers anywhere.”
Organic Spa Magazine


The beauty of yoga is that it is for everyone, whatever your style, motivation or ability! Whether you are looking to tone and strengthen, increase flexibility, quiet the mind, release tension or simply become more connected to your body — yoga provides the antidote to the busyness of modern living. Once you practice yoga you may start to see ways it flows into everyday life from an improved posture to taking a deep slow conscious breath in a moment of unease. Try yoga and see for yourself!

Note: If you are new to yoga or are working with a sensitivity, please make the yoga instructor aware and they can modify poses to support your practice.

Daily 9.45 – 10.45am & 4.15 – 5.15pm

Yoga mats, props and blankets provided.

Please wear comfortable clothing you can easily move in such as leggings/loose pants and a sports top/t-shirt. You may wish to bring layers you can remove as you warm up in class.

“I want to live there…it’s insanely beautiful, the service is excellent, the massage I had rocked, the staff are crazy accommodating, and the yoga teacher is one of the best I’ve ever taken a class with.”
- Sculptresskat, via TripAdvisor