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Are you interested in learning about the powerful practice of meditation? Maybe you already have a practice but want to go deeper or find a community of like-minded meditators. 

In today’s challenging world, it’s hard to find inner peace. Because the mind is crammed with thoughts or stresses, we often miss the life happening right before us. To be in the present moment, with a centered state of mind, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and those around you. You feel more energized and alive, better able to flow through life’s peaks and valleys. Relationships improve, stress is reduced, mood is enhanced, and you experience greater enjoyment each day.

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The Happiness Retreat

Discover the power of the breath to create lasting happiness.


Our world-renowned Happiness Retreat combined with contemplative silence.

The Meditation Retreat

Learn to calm the mind and body effortlessly by connecting to the source.

Group Inquiry Request

Group Inquiry Request