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Rajshree Patel

Rajshree Patel is one of the most influential teachers today in the field of personal and spiritual development. She has taught Sudarshan Kriya and the Art of Living programs to hundreds of thousands of people in every walk of life all over the world. …

In this enlightening book from senior Art of Living teacher Rajshree Patel, you’ll exam three powerful methodologies to directly tap into the power of source energy, intelligence, and positivity.

  1. Breath and its connection to our thoughts and emotions—in a way to effortlessly reduce stress and to be dynamic in life with a mind that is calm, present, and joyful.
  2. “Effortless meditation” and its impact on letting go of trauma and old thought patterns—to help us live from a state of positivity, clearity, and high energy.
  3. Mind-set shifts—to bcome aware of how we’re operating and begin to rewire our minds.

Explore how these three methodologies not only give you energy but also become a platform from which you co-create the vision, dreams, and life you want.