Antonio Garrido

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A charismatic and world-renowned business trainer, motivational speaker, consultant and author in sales, management and personal development, Antonio Garrido is also skilled in the art of mindfulness and meditation.

Recognizing that the mind can be our greatest friend or foe, he brings a light-hearted and novel approach to meditation that helps students to better understand the workings of the mind and reduce its negative tendencies. An author of several best-selling leadership books and Co-founder of Absolute Sales Development, Inc., based in Miami, Antonio has a phenomenal understanding of the workings of the mind. By helping students form a positive relationship with their thoughts, he can put them on the path to true health and happiness.

No stranger to yoga retreats, Antonio leads meditation sessions alongside his wife, Julie. Under Antonio’s expert guidance, students can learn tips and techniques to still their thoughts and tap into their greater self-awareness. He takes each individual on a journey of self-discovery that leads to a more grounded, centered, and focused state; leaving them feeling relaxed and liberated. In turn, this helps unlock their zest for life; helping them set goals and intentions with a renewed purpose.

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