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Ayurveda is the oldest, natural, healthcare system on the planet. Its purpose is to heal and maintain the quality and longevity of life. Our therapists work with your body to encourage stress relief, growth, and healing—bringing you into an open, blissful, and restored state. Browse our treatments below.


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations

Now available by video conference!
An experienced Ayurvedic practitioner conducts an in-depth doshic evaluation to determine what your natural state of being is and identify your imbalances. You’ll explore your concerns and set health and wellness goals together. Ayurveda emphasizes self-care techniques that can bring you into balance, through diet, lifestyle (including exercise), stress management, and if needed, herbs and seasonal cleansing.  NEW! Video consultation $108 $175 ; 45 minutes. 

Pulse Assessment with an Ayurvedic Vaidya

Pulse assessment is one of the key diagnostic tools of Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic practitioner feels for the strength of vata, pitta, and kapha in the pulse to determine one’s constitution, or dosha, and current state of imbalance. They look for the overall qualities of the pulse gain information about the physical constitution and health of their patient. This information is used to form the basis for a sensitive and personalized therapy in accordance with Ayurvedic principles of treatment. 

On-campus $108; 60 minutes.


Diabetes and weight loss abhyanga

Abhyanga: Detoxifying Warm-Oil Massage

Abhyanga is one of the most popular and recommended therapies in Ayurveda. This Ayurvedic therapy incorporates warm, aromatic oils, rhythmically massaged into your body, which loosen toxins, relax the nervous system, and provide rest, nourishment, and rejuvenation.  

On-campus $130; 60 minutes.

Shirodhara: Relaxation Therapy

Because of the profound effects it has upon the consciousness, it has often been called “Bliss Therapy.” Shirodhara is a continuous pouring of warm oil in a slow steady stream on the forehead that helps to pacify the subtle aspects of the doshas: nourishing the nervous system, promoting relaxation and tranquility, and improving mental clarity and comprehension. 

On-campus $145; 60 minutes.

Royal Treatment: Signature Service

The Royal Treatment combines both the detoxifying warm oil massage and the shirodhara relaxation therapy for an ideal experience of rejuvenation.  Coupling these two treatments together, the warm oil massage awakens and prepares your body for the restful tranquility that follows with Shirodhara.  

On-campus $270; 120 minutes.

Shankara Signature Massage

Using blended oils, our talented therapists will customize the massage to relieve your body, relax your mind, and uplift your spirit. 

$75; 30 minutes.
$125; 60 minutes.
$165; 90 minutes.

Sundarya: Lavishing Treatment

An enveloping total body experience that is comforting, nurturing and enticing to the senses. Tensions melt from the full body massage that includes the scalp, face and neck, using our captivating Sundarya Body Oil. Ending with a luxurious full body exfoliation using Shankara’s Sundarya Salt Scrub to awaken, refine, and purify the skin

On-campus $165; 90 minutes.


Udvartana: Herbal Exfoliation Treatment

Udvartana is a deeply penetrating lymphatic massage with herbal scrub. This invigorating full body treatment increases circulation, revitalizes the skin, supports overall detoxification and promotes weight loss.

On-campus $150; 60 minutes.


Basti: Joint Rejuvenation

Stiff joints are bathed in warm medicated oil. This treatment also includes a massage to the affected area.
Katti Basti: for the lower back.
Greeva Basti: for the neck and shoulders.
Janu Basti: for the knees.

On-campus $125; 45 minutes.


Netra Tarpana: Eye Bathing

Eyes are the window to the soul. Many eyesight problems result from mental stress because the eye is closely related to the mind. This rejuvenating treatment relieves tired, achy, sore eyes and improves vision. Warmed ghee is gently poured on the eyes while you are led through relaxing, simple eye exercises. It is an enjoyable, relaxing, and effective treatment. Eyes may be sensitive to brightness and computer screens after this treatment. Plan to rest and relax. Balances pitta dosha.

On-campus $125; 45 minutes.

Nasya: Clear Breath Support

The nose is the door to consciousness. Nasal Therapy helps to clear and lubricate the sinus passageways, relieving acute and chronic sinus problems such as allergies, mucous congestion, dry nasal passages, and snoring. The process of administering herb-infused oils into the nasal cavity also helps to relieve headaches, migraines, reduces anxiety, clears and strengthens the mind, and stimulates the nervous system. This treatment is best done by itself or at the end of a treatment series. Balances kapha dosha.

On-campus $125; 45 minutes.

Karna Purana: Settling The Nervous System

Warm oil is gently, slowly poured into the ears, lubricating the ear canal, calming the mind, and soothing the nervous system. When the ears are bathed in oil, the mind and body automatically calms, creating a state of deep relaxation. Balances vata dosha. 

On-campus $125; 45 minutes.


Shankara Signature Ayurveda Facial

Through the fusion of Western science and the ageless wisdom of traditional Ayurveda, Shankara products blend pure formulations to dynamically repair and regenerate the skin. This customized facial treatment nourishes your skin and brings harmony to the doshas, supporting and encouraging your innate beauty.

$65; 30 minutes.
$115; 60 minutes.

arvana spa body wrap

Avarna Spa Body Wraps

These dosha specific treatments use stimulating movements, followed by the warmth and enveloping nature of the wrap. This creates space for deep relaxation and meditation.

  • Rejuvenation for nourishment and hydration.
  • Detoxification is deeply purifying and rejuvenating.
  • Reduction smoothes and tightens.

On-campus $165; 90 minutes.

Marma: Replenishing Energy Treatment

One of the most restorative treatments for the body and mind, Marma stimulates specific energy points that rejuvenate the vital organs of the body, settle the nervous system, and pacify the Doshas. You may be fully clothed during this treatment, which focuses on energy centers, rather than muscle or tissue.  

On-campus $125; 60 minutes.


These can be added to certain treatments.

  • Hot Stones Therapeutic Stones $25
  • Pado Abhyanga Oil Foot Massage $25
  • Shiro Abhyanga Oil Scalp Massage $35

NOTE For your convenience, an eighteen percent service charge will be added to all services. This charge is for your service provider.

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Ayurvedic spa treatments are authentic and amazing! The services they provide are therapeutic. It is like going to India, without having to use your passport.

Couples Getaway

(Sample Schedule)


  • Gaze at the sunrise while filling your lungs with fresh mountain air and reminisce on the moments that connected you.
  • Bring a new level of calm and balance to your relationship with a Yoga or Meditation class.
  • Enjoy a delicious whole-foods breakfast together.
  • Walk or hike one of our beautiful nature trails and reconnect with each other, nature, and oneself.


  • Share a healthy and nutritious lunch.
  • Make a new memory by taking a workshop or educational class, or create a new experience together with a pottery*, watercolor painting, or cooking class (*additional cost).
  • Reduce tension and stress with a couple’s or individual Ayurveda spa treatment. Choose from the widest selection of Ayurvedic therapies in the US for whole-body nourishment and renewal.
  • Unwind in the sauna together.


  • Stop by our bookstore and explore our collection of self-care and spiritual resources or spend time reading in the cafe.