Mark Gerow

Mark Gerow 2

Mark Gerow, former U.S. Air Force survival instructor and New York City actor, has a diverse background and taught worldwide. Mark has strong interests in using Forest (Shinrin-yoku) and Somatic Therapies to help individuals affected by trauma and addiction. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Years of Posing: A Yoga Teacher’s Struggle with Trauma and Addiction. He loves taking his camera on long hikes as a deeper form of a connection. He has taught wellness-related classes, lectures, workshops and retreats around the globe—at the New York Open Center, Canyon Ranch, Miraval, Omega Institute, Kripalu Center, Findhorn Foundation, the American Holistic Medical Association and many others. He is the creator of Lunarhythms Yoga, a blend of flowing hatha yoga that combines influences of therapeutic, trauma-informed yoga, Ayurveda, chakras, poetry and lunar cycles. In Marks words: “I apply the learnings I have taken from each of my life’s experiences to my practice in helping people heal.”