Maureen Muldoon

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Maureen Muldoon aka The Spiritual Vixen has gone from an illustrious career as a Hollywood actress to an internationally renowned Spiritual Speaker, Teacher, licensed Minister, Prayer Practitioner and Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles. She is often referred to as the “Course Whisperer” for her innate ability to interpret and apply Course wisdom into real life scenarios with humor and grace. She is the founder and host of a daily inspirational, virtual service for A Course in Miracles students. Through her rapidly growing Ministry and initiatives, Maureen delivers weekly sermons as the Spiritual Director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community (Chicago) , she is also the co-founder and creative director of Voice Box SpeakEasy. Maureen offers powerful speeches and workshops devoted to everything sacred, utilizing her trademark irreverence and contagious laughter. A gifted and authentic storyteller, author, writing coach and published playwright, Maureen empowers others to utilize the miraculous gift of their “story” for healing and transformation. She uses the power of story to inspire and awaken vision, identity, and leadership in her audience and clients. She delights in helping others tap into their inner rock-star, sleeping Picasso, neglected writer to shake the dust off their own innocence to live a life where Miracles abound. More at