Your primary dosha type is:

Your inner fire rules your outer world. 

Elements: Fire and Water


The pitta dosha is ruled by the element of fire. Those with a primarily pitta constitution are passionate, motivated, and make great leaders.

You’re also a creature of habit and routine, and when your routine gets interrupted, it’s as if one of your inner flames gets burnt out.

You get things done. Burning through your to-do lists is normal for you and you’re great at motivating others to take action.

Your intelligence and perceptive nature serve you well in life. The key to embodying the positive elements of pitta is to maintain balance and harmony within yourself and in your relations.

When pitta overpowers the mind it can manifest as aggression, recklessness, and pride. Physically, pitta imbalance can show up as skin eruptions, inflammation, and excess stress that can lead to burnout if you’re not careful.

In balance, you are

Radiant ruddy skin

Out of balance, you are

Prone to working too hard
Prone to oily skin acne and rashes

What to Avoid

  • Hot, acidic, sour, and spicy foods. Hot and moist climates.
  • Stimulants and alcohol— they aggravate the liver and can cause excessive anger and intensity.
  • Working or exercising too hard or too often without plenty of time for rest in between.
  • Skipping meals, it’s especially important for Pitta types to eat regularly.

What to Include

  • Cooling herbs including mint, fennel, and cardamom.
    Cooling foods including cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, and pear.
  • Meditation and plenty of time for relaxation and self-care.
  • Create an living space that’s cool and comfortable—too much heat can cause imbalance.
  • Choose mild foods over sharp and pungent ones.
  • Treat your skin with natural, soothing, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

How to Care for Pitta Skin


Pitta skin requires cooling nourishment that hydrates and soothes the skin. An inner approach that calms the fire element and reduces oiliness is essential.


Avoid artificial fragrances and colors as these only create imbalance. Choose products that nourish your skin on a cellular level and help tame your inner heat.


Look for these ingredients Lavender, licorice, aloe vera, cucumber, rosewater, chamomile, rosehip seed oil, and shatavari.

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