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Our Pets in Spirit Are Always Near

I am a dog-fanatic! Yes, I have three dogs. There is something so special and innately spiritual about our pets, and I feel this is part of what draws us so close to them. So much so, that people try to capture that specialness through photographing their pets to share with others, so that everyone can appreciate their pets as much as they do. But beyond the countless entertaining pet photos out there online, there is a deep and rewarding relationship that we hope to capture through these photos.

I know, on a soul level, that these special critters are a part of our soul group. They are sent to us divinely to teach us about the value of unconditional love. Many times, during a reading I will receive messages from pets in spirit, hoping to connect with their human loved one, just to let them know that they are okay. It’s a validation that they too cross over into the light. Our fur babies stay with us in spirit, always near, keeping us—their treasured human friends on earth—company from the other side.

Today is a special day for me, as it’s our dog Teddy’s 8th birthday! So, I want to dedicate this message about the love we have for our pets to him. May it be a reminder to love them as much as we can while they are still here. If you have pets, or have had pets in the past, remember to keep cherishing their memories and your love for them. They will always hear you.

Republished with permission from billphilipps.com.