self-care or self-sabotage?

How to Tell the Difference Between Self-Care & Self-Sabotage

It can be easy to mistake inaction for self-care. Although we are a generation tired of overdoing things—over-consuming, overworking, overthinking—self-care does not necessarily mean the opposite. Not doing what your body and mind need you to do or act on is self-sabotage. It is important to understand the difference to know whether you’re actually taking …

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yoga for anxiety & stress-relief

Yoga 101: Self-Care for Stress & Anxiety

Stress, burnout, anxiety, depression—these words have all become commonplace today. While many people turn to illicit drugs, alcohol, or pharmaceuticals to cope, finding holistic ways to relieve stress and deal with its byproducts is essential. The pandemic, inflation, conflicts, mass layoffs, deadlines, and the constant pressure to meet our expectations and those of our families …

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How to Practice Maha Bandhas

What are Bandhas?

In yoga, think of bandhas as physical and subtle ‘locks’ that protect and channel your prana (life energy) in the right direction. Typically, you feel energized and recharged after practicing them. So when your yoga instructor asks you to ‘apply the locks or bandhas,’ you essentially lock the flow of energy in at specific points …

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