Where Health Meets Happiness

“Health is not mere absence of disease. It is the dynamic expression of life”

 – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Finding Balance in an Erratic World

Looking at the surrounding world, it doesn’t take long to feel troubled by the many daunting issues we currently face. Whether it’s the political divide, increased rates of suicide or unstable weather patterns, there seems to be an unlimited number of problems in the world demanding our attention. As if worldly concerns weren’t enough, personal challenges related to jobs, …

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Self-Care for Sensitive People

Self-care is essential for all empathic people. When you mindfully and lovingly practice it each day, your sensitivities will flourish. The self-care practices, perspectives, and meditations I present as daily offerings in Thriving as an Empath will support you in being a compassionate, empowered empath without shouldering the suffering of others or trying to “fix” …

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The Happiness Program

“It’s life-changing.” Find out what past participants, teachers, and even specialists in the field of mindfulness think about our Happiness Program.  Create Lasting Happiness During our signature Happiness Retreat, you will find out how to access the present moment and tap into your inner power and freedom—not just as a concept, but as a direct …

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