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“Health is not mere absence of disease. It is the dynamic expression of life”

 – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Inner Silence Guided Meditation

“Inner Silence” is a powerful guided meditation for healing. This meditation technique helps you experience the journey from the ceaseless chatter of the mind to the serenity of a still mind. Meditation & Mindfulness Quiet the mind, experience inner peace, and embrace joy and aliveness in one of our signature meditation retreats. LEARN MORE and …

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Guided Meditation: Journey Within

Thank you for visiting! Enjoy this 5-minute guided meditation. Follow the simple instructions and find yourself transcending thoughts and time. Experience brief timelessness and come out fresh to continue your work.  Happiness is a weekend away! Our Happiness Retreat can help you rediscover your joy, bolster your resilience, and become a calmer, more confident you! …

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