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Every Single Human Being has a Guardian Angel

Today I want to tell you more about something very important: every single human being has a guardian angel. I have never seen any person without a guardian angel. I am continually amazed at the number of people who doubt they have one. Many are happy to accept that other people might have a guardian angel, but doubt that they have one themselves.

In my book Stairways to Heaven, I tell the story of how I met a Jewish mother and daughter when I was doing a signing in Philadelphia in the United States a few summers ago:

“As I was saying goodbye to a woman an angel tapped me on the shoulder, and pointed down the queue saying; ‘There is a mother and child there who are very nervous. I am the mother’s guardian angel. My name is Rosalet.’

“When it was their turn, they walked towards me looking very nervous. The mother sat down on the chair beside me and said, ‘We are probably not meant to be here. We were unsure whether we would be allowed to come into the shop because this is a catholic shop and we are Jewish’. Up to that moment I hadn’t even noticed that it was a Catholic shop and I was shocked that someone of any religion would think that they weren’t welcome. The mother added, ‘Lorna, maybe God hasn’t given us Jewish people a guardian angel?’, still talking in a very hushed voice. I reached out to them both and took their hands, saying urgently, ‘Don’t you know that every single human being has a guardian angel. This is a gift from God. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or even if you have no beliefs at all. You both have guardian angels. I can see them both behind you as clearly as I can see you.’

“As they left happily I thanked both of their guardian angels for guiding them to come to see me that day, despite their fears. I was very moved, though I was still shocked to think that they could think they didn’t have a guardian angel because of their religious faith. We are all God’s children and God has given each and every one of us a guardian angel that never leaves us for one second. We are never alone. Our guardian angel is always with us and is the gatekeeper of our soul.”

Reposted with permission from lornabyrne.com.

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