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Healing Journeys of Ayurveda – Brenda’s Story

Healing Journeys of Ayurveda - The Art of Living Retreat Center


Every person who participates in one of our retreats comes away with something different, something unique to what their body, mind, and spirit needs. Brenda, a recent Panchakarma participant, recently shared her own experiences with us. 

I came to the Art of Living Retreat Center to get healthy. I felt like the toxins in my body had built up over my life, I felt stressed, and I knew it was time to take care of myself. Now I feel as if they’ve all been released, and my stress is completely gone.


Healthy, Lighter, Clean, Energetic

I’ve never eaten such delicious, healthy food. I can’t say enough about it! I’ve been able to bring home new knowledge about food and nutrition that I can share with my family and friends, and make a positive difference in their lives. I know they’ll see the same transformation I’ve experienced. I feel healthy, lighter, clean, energetic. Back home, I was so lethargic, and now I just want to climb a mountain!
The feeling of getting clean from the inside, detoxing my body, was wonderful, but the best part of Panchakarma was the people I met here – the most amazing, loving happy friendships that were created.
It was honestly the best week I’ve spent in my life. It was worth every penny. I’m just so glad that I came. I want everyone to experience it.
– Brenda H., Raleigh

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