Ayurveda—the “science of life”—is a natural system of medicine that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda emphasizes prevention of disease and good health maintenance through lifestyle practices such as seasonal cleansing, massage, meditation, yoga, diet, and herbal treatments and therapies. One of the most important practices in Ayurveda is Panchakarma cleanse and detox. This serves to help preserve and restore your health by drawing out and eliminating toxins and excess vita, pitta, and kapha from the tissues and digestive tract.

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Age-Proof Your Brain with Ayurveda

“Biological aging is not tied absolutely to chronological aging and it may be possible to slow biological aging and even reduce the possibility of suffering from age-related diseases such as dementia,” writes Ruth Peters from Care of the Elderly, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, London. As we age our brain shrinks and cognition, as well …

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Panchakarma for Weight Loss

One can be overweight for a variety of reasons—genetics, diet, lack of physical activity, lack of proper sleep, hormonal imbalances, and medications, just to name a few. Excess body fat increases the risk for several types of cancer and is also an open invitation to cardiac problems, respiratory ailments, digestive ailments, joint problems, and problems …

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Ayurveda & Spring Allergies

Are you congested? Do you have sinusitis, stuffy, dull headaches, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and dry itchy skin? Spring weather can be glorious and green with flowers and trees blossoming. On the other hand, environmental allergies can make you miserable and often trigger asthma or eczema; in fact more than 50 million Americans suffer from …

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Ayurvedic Ways to Boost Memory (At Any Age!)

It is so interesting to note that today you don’t need to remember a lot of important stuff—computers, smart phones, Alexa, Google, and all that modern technology do most of that work for us. Humans in ancient cultures relied on their brain not only to store and retrieve important information needed for learning, action, and …

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Understanding the Agni Principle

Agni is one of the most powerful transformative principles of Ayurveda. It holds the secret to longevity, vitality, high prana or life force, good health, more energy, clarity of mind, and wellness. The principle of agni in Ayurveda answers your question about why your office bestie can eat anything they want without putting on any …

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