Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco: Tips and Practices

Forrest Yoga’s Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco are at the forefront of the yoga world, creating profound experiences. Together they teach the art of learning to love again and share tools to create our own sense of hope and direction in life. As part of our Extraordinary Teachers for Extraordinary Times series, Ana and Jose share …

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Ayurveda 101: The Benefits of Tongue Scraping

In traditional medicine, the tongue is not just an organ for taste and speech. It is considered to be the microcosm of the entire body. In other words, the state of your tongue—the shape, color, coating or texture—indicates the state of your overall health. A uniform pink color, which comes from tissues called mucosa, indicates …

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Self-Care for Sensitive People

Self-care is essential for all empathic people. When you mindfully and lovingly practice it each day, your sensitivities will flourish. The self-care practices, perspectives, and meditations I present as daily offerings in Thriving as an Empath will support you in being a compassionate, empowered empath without shouldering the suffering of others or trying to “fix” …

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Why Let Go?

Throughout the human condition, it is normal to be positively elated by the birth of new creations that renewal so often provides. Equally so, it is also normal for the elation experienced in renewal to flatten or seem empty as new things become old.