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Beat the Heat: 5 Simple Ayurvedic Tips for a Cooler Summer

Summer is here! You may enjoy hot summer days, or literally wilt and groan in the sun! According to Ayurveda, this is partly because of your constitution (prakriti) or imbalance (vikrati). Summer is Pitta Season (the principle of fire and water) and normally a time to go on vacation, swim, barbeque, play outdoors, sip cool …

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The Whys and Hows of Quality Sleep

John Cordle, a highly experienced captain in the American Navy was commanding a routine training exercise in the Baltic Sea, helming USS Oscar Austin, a guided-missile destroyer, with three other destroyers behind this one. Cordle had run without sleep for 36 hours. As the ship settled into its passage, Cordle tottered, trying to stay awake. …

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What Does Retreat Mean for HSPs?

Sometimes life just feels like it wears us down. This has especially been true for 2021. Covid vaccines are rolling out, and some HSPs are ambivalent or confused about what it all means for them personally and for the world…Will I have a strong reaction to the vaccine? Should I even get it? Are we all going back to the frenetic life that was before? Sometimes we start to feel burned out with all the stress and decision fatigue. Sometimes, the ground feels shaky beneath our feet.

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What Headaches Can Do to Your Productivity

157 million—that is the number of workdays lost due to migraine. When relentless headaches come knocking, the days can become a blur. Along with the physical pain, the loss of ability to perform at work or participate in favorite activities can take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being, particularly when headaches are chronic. …

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3 Tips To Help You Avoid Feeling Burnt Out

Had you known adult life would’ve been so stressful, perhaps you would’ve remained a child. Regardless, confronting life’s difficulties is part of all our lives. Letting those confrontations burn you out is easier than it sounds. When you’ve been starting to waiver, you might wonder what’s going wrong? Burnout can be caused by many things. Fortunately, we’ve all been in your shoes, and we’ve learned several ways to overcome those difficulties.

A Standing Meditation for Self-Care

A student of mine, a freelance writer named Georgia, recently told me about her journey to self-love. As is the case for many freelancers, Georgia’s workload ebbed and flowed, and flowed particularly high when she felt the fear of financial pressure. A few years ago, Georgia explained to me, she took on too much work as a way to pay her bills and fend off acute future anxiety about money troubles. As soon as the work piled up, Georgia’s life became much less healthy — and it took her some time to notice the cycle she was caught in.