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“Health is not mere absence of disease. It is the dynamic expression of life”

 – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


20 Ways to Love Nature

According to activist and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Sylvie Rokab, we need more nature. Not only does our health and well-being depend on it, but the future of our earth does, as well. It’s no wonder that the Japanese concept of “forest bathing”, or simply spending intentional time in nature, is making a big splash in wellness …

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Process and Presence

Process and Presence

To express spontaneously–that is, without a goal–is to practice presence, bringing our full selves to the painting with curiosity and interest. Artists are often considered to be the delicate barometers of civilization, sensing the deeper pulse of tides less visible to the unaccustomed eye. They can also be chroniclers of a living past not found …

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Hooked on a Feeling

Many people probably can’t remember that song from the 70’s. I know I’m dating myself. I’m actually “hooked” on what it means to be hooked into a particular feeling state: hooked on a feeling. I was recently in a conversation with friends who spoke about obsessing over some situation. It reminded me that humans are …

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Aging Gracefully - the Art of Living Retreat Center

Aging in the Middle

I posted a question on Facebook this past week: “What’s been the greatest gift to you, so far, in growing older?” I was blown away by the number of thoughtful, funny and inspiring responses that came in. Clearly, I’m not alone in finding both challenge and gratitude in the process of aging. The desire to …

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