Bowman Upper Spine Blog 2023

Move Your Upper Spine

If you’re already breaking away from the computer task at hand to quickly (and mindlessly) make a social media lap then you’ve already found the timespace for an at-your-desk, low profile movement that will make you and your work ultimately better.


10 Tips to Help You Gain What You Need to Lose Weight

Recommendations for weight loss often come in the form of advice for calorie restriction, staving off entire food groups, and various forms of vigorous exercise that leave us depleted. HOW WILLPOWER WEAKENS The strategies that require the willpower necessary to restrict ourselves from foods and endure very strenuous forms of exercise aren’t meant to be …

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yoga snoring

Stop Snoring with Yoga

Laugh, and the world laughs with you, snore, and you sleep alone! Snoring is generally brushed aside with a few jokes. But it is a serious and widespread problem affecting both the snorer and the person subjected to it. The former can suffer from stroke and heart conditions, while sleepless nights affect the latter. The …

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