yoga for travel fatigue

Yoga for Travel Fatigue

No matter how excited we are about the trip, when we travel during the holidays, we can feel stiff and exhausted when we finally arrive at our destination. If you’re spending time traveling on a plane, train, or automobile this holiday season, the following sequence will bring you much-needed relief after hours spent sitting. This …

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boat pose

Relax with the Breath

The first act of life is breathing. The last act of life is breathing. Everything else lies in the middle but seems to assume the utmost importance in our lives. How often do we stop to observe the process of breathing in and out during the day? We don’t feel the need to because it …

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raise vibration 1

Ways to Increase Your Spiritual & Emotional Vibrations

It’s scientific fact that everything in the universe consists of pure energy—constantly moving, oscillating, and vibrating. We, too, are made up of rapidly moving energy, and that energy has a vibrational frequency. Maybe you’ve never thought about your frequency before, but we’ve all heard phrases like “you create your reality” and “like attracts like.” You’ve …

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yoga snoring

Stop Snoring with Yoga

Laugh, and the world laughs with you, snore, and you sleep alone! Snoring is generally brushed aside with a few jokes. But it is a serious and widespread problem affecting both the snorer and the person subjected to it. The former can suffer from stroke and heart conditions, while sleepless nights affect the latter. The …

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autumn ayurveda 1

End of Summer Detox and Rejuvenation with Yoga

It is essential to detoxify the accumulation of summer heat before heading into the next season. Excess heat in the body accumulated over the summer can create stiff joints, inflammation, irritability, anger, depletion, and dryness. The body may produce mucous in response to dryness, leading to sinus infections, constipation, colds, and other imbalances. This dryness …

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