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Get a Color Energy Boost

Setting a weekly intention with color is powerful and effective way to pull in all kinds of abundance. As an intuitive who interprets auras daily, I’m very sensitive to color and how each one makes me feel. Each color that I see has specific properties, and they can also be harnessed by us for a boost whenever we need it.

A great way to create positive vibes at any time is by intentionally claiming a color for yourself. The color you choose can influence what energy you’re opening up to right now. It also reveals specific areas in your life that deserve extra focus. This is a quick and easy way to explore how color affects your energy!

Here’s how to do it:

Gaze at the above image and allow the best color to present itself to you. When I find the right color, I will be drawn back to it repeatedly. I like to take several slow deep breaths as I look, allowing my body to communicate which color feels best to me.

Try to avoid thinking about which color is normally your favorite, and just focus on the color that “sticks” with you right now. That color carries an energy that will help you today. Keep in mind, you will be drawn to different colors depending on what is going on in your life.

Once you choose your color, use it to boost the power of any intention you’d like to set today. You can do this by visualizing it in meditation or wearing it. It can be really interesting to go with the one that calls to you right now and watch it infuse your life with its unique positive energy!