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Inspiring Ways to Manifest Love

One of the great joys of my life is collecting stories of the ways soulmates meet and come together. It’s pretty empowering to realize that even the most mystical, magical encounters required the soon-to-be lovers to take action—to deliberately put themselves in the “right place at the right time.”

Here are some of my favorite tips and stories:

They set an intention and followed it up with action.

After you’ve made your list of desired qualities and set the intention to find your perfect life partner, it’s important that you be on the lookout for clues and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically when fate calls you to action. This was the winning formula that my friend John, a successful CEO and speaker, used to find his soulmate.

At thirty-six, John was beginning to wonder if he’d ever find the right woman to settle down and start a family with. He traveled at least twice a week for work and had doubts that he’d be able to meet someone, given that he was hardly ever at home and spent only a day or two in each city. I shared with John some of the principles I explore in my book The Soulmate Secret, and although he had to admit he was not a believer in this “tree hugging stuff” (as he fondly referred to it), he decided to give it a try. He set an intention to manifest his perfect match, created a Treasure Map filled with images of happy couples lying in the sand and hanging out in the backyard and chose one image in particular—that of a man with a kid on his shoulders—to use as the wallpaper on his laptop and cell phone where he could look at it daily.

One afternoon John was on a plane to Orlando to give a speech. Although he usually spent the whole flight working or catching up on e-mails, this time he happened to notice the flight attendant, Patty, who served him a glass of red wine. After a quick twenty-four-hour stay in Orlando, John boarded the plane back to the West Coast, only to discover that the same crew was working on his return. About an hour into the flight, John overheard a passenger speaking rudely to one of the attendants and was moved to take action. As he came to the flight attendant’s defense, he found himself looking once again into Patty’s eyes.

Noticing the spark, one of the other crew said, “John should get an award for intervening like that, and I think his reward should be Patty’s number!” From the first dinner they shared, they felt as though they had known each other for years. They are now happily married with a 3-year old son. When I met Patty, I asked her “when did you know John was the one for you?” She said that on their second date he shared his Treasure map with her and it totally matched her vision for her life with her soulmate!

They reunited with childhood or high-school sweethearts.

How many times have you had the thought, I wonder what ever happened to so-and-so? Many people find their true love by attending a reunion or as a result of hearing about a long-lost friend and then making the first move to reconnect. I recently read a story about a couple named Charlie and Carlyn Baily, both in their sixties, who married after finding each other on Classmates.com—forty-three years after graduating from high school.

“It’s still hard to believe,” Carlyn said. “If this had been even 15 years ago—no Classmates.com, no computers—it would have been literally pure accident to make contact.”

The fact is, today’s technology makes this kind of reconnection easier than ever. Sometimes reuniting with the past can spark business ideas as well. Consider the story of Jeff Tinley, who met his wife at their ten-year reunion and was so inspired by their reconnection that he founded Reunion.com!

According to celebrated Rutgers professor and love biologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, those who reconnect with a high school or college sweetheart have a 75% chance of success.

Some people (myself included) had dreams or premonitions that provided clues about how or where or when to find their soulmates, and they acted upon those clues.

One morning, Englishman David Brown woke up with a cell-phone number running through his mind. Brown had no idea where the number came from, but he sent a text message to it anyway, hoping to solve the mystery. He reached Michelle Kitson, who lived sixty miles away. She had no explanation as to why her number would be running through his head, but after several messages back and forth, they ended up meeting and falling in love. David and Michelle were recently married and have just returned from their honeymoon in India.

True stories like this are a clear reminder to listen to our dreams, trust our intuition, and have faith that the Universe is even now sending us signs that will lead us to love.

Many had a “gut feeling” that they should go to specific places and made the choice to honor their intuition, even if they had other plans.

One woman, who was actually feeling quite depressed, had an impulse to go to an aquarium … someplace she had never been before and had no real desire to visit. But she went, and there she met the dolphin trainer with whom she fell in love. They are now happily married and living in Hawaii.

Another woman received a last-minute invitation to a party. She really didn’t feel like socializing that night, but something inside her urged her to go. She met her husband at that party. More than a few were fixed up on blind dates by friends, and while they had never thought of themselves as the “blind date” type, they followed through anyway, only to discover that Cupid had struck.

They took action, joined an online dating service, and met their beloveds.

My eighty-year-old mother-in-law took action, with a little help from a younger, more computer-literate friend, and met the love of her life through Match.com. Right now, dating online has never been easier and 1 and 3 marriages now start online. When you know how to use the apps correctly, you can manifest the love of your life.

They met their soulmates by taking the bold step to make adventure happen.

I see a lot of people falling into the trap of postponing fun and adventure until after they meet their soulmates, reasoning that then they’ll have someone to share the adventure with. I once coached a man who loved whales. He finally decided to take a kayak trip with a bunch of strangers so he could have the experience of seeing whales up close.

Well, he not only saw the whales, he ended up meeting his soulmate who just happened to be kayaking right next to him. I know several couples who met on trips to foreign lands where they never expected to find romance. Vivian was from Boston; Mike was from Minneapolis. They met in Crete on a group tour. Isn’t love grand?

Sometimes the act of taking a bold step or following your heart’s desire actually leads you to the arms of your beloved.

The point of all these stories is that although you can’t control the exact day, place, and time your soulmate will appear, you can increase your odds significantly by being actively involved in your own life. This often means pursuing interests that you’ve put on the back burner. Whatever you’ve been waiting for, this is the time to do it. If you love tennis but haven’t picked up a racquet in years, join a tennis club or sign up for some lessons. If you daydream about taking nature hikes with your beloved, go on a guided tour at a nearby state park, or make it a point to stop by the beach or other recreational area after work. If you’re an avid reader, join a book club.

Look at it this way: What’s the worst that could happen if you decide to start actively pursuing your interests and passions? You’ll probably end up making yourself happier, healthier, and more intellectually fit. You will also most likely end up meeting some interesting people, and you’ll be broadcasting your unique tastes and preferences to the Universe even more clearly.

Now, does this mean you should fill every available hour in your appointment book with activities you hope will hasten the process of meeting your soulmate? Absolutely not! If you’re driven to go out every night by the fear that your beloved will never find you if you stay home, you are missing the point. There is a huge difference between taking inspired action and taking compulsive action.

Inspired action, as I’m defining it here, is when you already feel lovable and enjoy your own company and are then guided to do something that will amplify the joy you are already experiencing. Compulsive action, on the other hand, comes from a place of loneliness, desperation, and fear.

Remember that the basic Law of Attraction states “we attract to us the people, places and experiences that match our state of being.” When your actions are driven from a place of emptiness or lack of fulfillment, it’s quite possible you will only attract more of the same. It’s important to trust that things will work out. Take action when the signs are there to take action, and don’t feel pressured to act when the inspiration isn’t there.


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