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The Secret for Lasting Fulfillment: Discovering Your Soul Accomplishments

If you’re a seeker, then like all true seekers you’ve probably asked yourself: What is the purpose of my time here on earth, and how will I know I’ve accomplished that purpose?  So often, we spend our lives trying, often unsuccessfully, to discover the answer, thinking that perhaps it has to do with creating the perfect career, or achieving things that make us look successful, or making a big impact on society.

What if?

What if, from the Highest vantage point of Consciousness, the purpose of your journey is not for you to become anything, get anything, or acquire anything, but rather to transcend your limitations and heal those patterns that have made you forget who you are—an individual expression of great Light and great Love?

What if you are here to gather and acquire the wisdom that will elevate and uplift your Soul, so that each day you can say, “I’m wiser than I was yesterday. I see more clearly than I saw yesterday. I understand more than I understood yesterday.”

What if your true accomplishments happen in your character, in your heart, and in your soul, and cannot and should not be measured by the limited constructs of the world?

Soul Accomplishments

In my book Soul Shifts, these are what I call “Soul Accomplishments”. You know you’ve made a Soul Accomplishment when the reward you receive is lasting. Nothing and no one can ever take it away from you.

What are Soul Accomplishments? When you evaluate your day, how will you know you’ve truly achieved those things you should be proud of? You’ve made great Soul Accomplishments if you’ve been transforming, remembering, healing, serving, making a positive vibrational contribution, awakening, or loving! You’ve experienced a Soul Accomplishment if, at the end of the day, you can say any of the following:

  • Today I thought deeply about things.
  • I saw something about myself that I didn’t want to face, but kept looking until I understood it.
  • I realized I was shutting off, and reached out to reconnect.
  • I had compassion for someone I would have judged.
  • I loved myself even though I wasn’t perfect.
  • I remembered to be grateful for being alive and allowed myself to experience wonder.

These are profound Soul Accomplishments. The other things that occurred on the outside are just the karmic events of the day. One day you make more money; one day you make less money. One day your day at work is calm; one day it’s chaotic. One day your home life is peaceful one day it’s contentious. If you evaluate your success based on those ever-changing external circumstances, you’ll be setting yourself up for unhappiness.

Material Goals Come Second

This is exactly how we often sabotage our feeling of accomplishment: we believe that to feel good about ourselves means we need more of something. We have to get more, or do more, and when we don’t, we conclude that we’ve failed.

Nothing’s wrong with outer achievements. I have earned many of them and enjoy helping people manifest their dreams. However, our material goals become a problem when they overshadow the quest for our Soul Goals, those inner attainments that aren’t about achievement or acquisition, but about true mastery.

Every day, I see wonderful, conscious people who’ve attained great personal mastery, yet who suffer and condemn themselves because they don’t feel successful, all because their achievements don’t fit the picture of how they think success is supposed to look. They’re living lives of authenticity, compassion, service, humility, gratitude and grace. All of these are astonishing Soul Accomplishments, but since they can’t measured or valued in traditional terms—money, prestige, possessions—they’re discounted.

What if you shifted your focus to this?


You may not always be able to acquire more, or do more but you can always be more.  That’s because true Soul Accomplishments don’t depend on anyone else but you. You can be more giving; you can be more compassionate; you can be more grateful, more courageous, and more loving!

I call this ‘seeing yourself through God’s eyes,’ or Spirit’s eyes.  Do you really think that some great Cosmic Being or Intelligence, whatever you imagine it is, would say, “You know, I don’t think those sales numbers are really good. Hmmm, she didn’t close that deal today. Did I see her eating two portions of ice cream?  What about that cellulite–that’s so unattractive. What a messy desk—that certainly doesn’t present a good case for her Soul. No, I don’t think she’s doing that well.”

This imaginary scenario should help you see the absurdity of how much you beat yourself up for simply being human. Naturally, the thought of a Higher Power judging you as a failure because of the things for which you judge yourself is ridiculous—but so is your habit of disqualifying your Soul Accomplishments.

Make a List

One of the powerful Soul Shift Practices I suggest you try is making a list of your Soul Accomplishments. This isn’t something to do in one sitting and then conclude that you’re finished. Noticing your Soul Accomplishments should be an ongoing process and an ever-present part of your life.

Here are some examples of my personal Soul Accomplishments:

  1. Keeping my heart fully open to the fullness of loving no matter how many times I have been hurt or had to let go of a dream, and never shutting down or shutting off for one moment of my life.
  2. Knowing when it was time to help both of my dogs leave their bodies and go forward on their journey, even though I wanted to hold on.
  3. Turning down opportunities for more fame or fortune when the projects were not in alignment with the Highest for me, even though it meant having less income and a much less glamorous lifestyle than most of my colleagues.
  4. Being willing to teach, write and speak about meditation and the spiritual path long before it was acceptable or popular.
  5. Learning how, when it was necessary, to let go of situations, people and attachments in every area of my life, and move forward without looking back.

Right now, if nothing else ever changed in your life, you have many Soul Accomplishments for which to honor yourself. Start by honoring yourself for reading this article and everything else you’ve done to guide you on your path to freedom. Honor yourself for the choice to be awake and conscious. Honor yourself for the choice to open, to feel, to see, and to shift. Honor yourself for the ways in which you’ve served and loved others. Honor yourself for your moments of revelation, healing and humility. These are the great triumphs of your soul.

The Soul Goal

Here is the Soul Goal I strive for every day. Try it, and see how much more fulfilled you feel:

Today, I want to live as the most awakened, loving human being I can be. I want to stay awake and be more awake at the end of the day than I was when the day began.

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