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10 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we’d like you to consider being your own Valentine this year. It’s easy!

Loving oneself is not an act; it comes naturally. Children already know how to love themselves. They are happy, stress-free, and enthusiastic. You were once a child—what made you forget this innate art of self-love? Yes, adulthood comes with challenges, but who said growing up meant giving up self-love?

How do we achieve self-love?

When we realize the importance of our existence—when we pause the fast-paced life, drop the judgments we hold about ourselves and our achievements, and make ourselves a priority—we discover a more profound perspective on life. So this year, be your own Valentine by following these 10 basic self-love practices.

“Love is not just an emotion. It is your very being.” Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living Founder and Global Humanitarian

10 Tips to Being Your Own Valentine

1. Love your body. The journey to loving yourself begins with the body. You enjoy the world and even feel its pain through your body. It’s the only one you have for this lifetime, a gift that must be loved and taken care of. Love your body, no matter what.

2. Avoid negativity. Learning to love yourself becomes difficult when you’re brimming with negative thoughts about yourself. Disciplining your mind and letting go of self-deprecating thoughts is essential to loving yourself.

3. Life is not all about being serious. Live, love, and laugh are not mere words—they are necessary for a fulfilling life. It’s important not to get stuck in life’s challenges and roadblocks. Having goals is great, but being feverish about them takes away your smile. Self-love is only possible if you’re stress-free, confident, joyful, and dynamic.

4. Me-time is required. Take out 30 minutes every day to pursue a hobby. Doing this enhances your creativity and will make you love life all that much more.

5. Stay updated with the world. Reading is a crucial activity. With the non-stop development in technology, space, and science, it is incredible to read about the mind’s potential. Also, reading about the goodness in the world will restore your faith in it. Developing the habit of reading can give you a new direction, fresh perspectives, widen your horizons, and make you aware and knowledgeable. It doesn’t matter what you read, just spend some time reading.

6. Pamper yourself. Get a spa treatment, spend time with friends, take a warm bath, eat your favorite foods, watch your favorite show, take a stroll, pen down your thoughts and feelings on paper, or buy yourself a present. Doing something you like doing alone increases your self-confidence.

7. Travel. Travel in itself is a recreational activity. Plan a solo trip or bring friends. Knowing about different places, cultures, and climates is a good shift for the mind from the routine.

8. Practice yoga. Yoga is not just postures. Yoga is experiencing the union of the body, mind, and breath. A yoga practice helps develop potential, improves health, makes you feel lighter inside, and unlocks the gates of happiness.

9. Meditation is the secret. Hectic schedules, sedentary lifestyles, untimely eating, and work stress all impact our health. Meditation helps keep you and your mind calm, happy, and healthy. A regular meditation practice makes you stable, gives you inner strength, enables you to control your emotions, and gives you peace.

10. You are more than your body and mind. We lose confidence when our standard benchmarks of identity—the body and the mind—dwindle in appearance and sharpness. However, a part of us never changes, an element beyond the changing mind and body. A glimpse of our Self empowers us with the confidence of the most extraordinary kind, and we learn to love ourselves like never before. This element is the consciousness that is the source of joy and love in all of us. Meditation and yoga help us to tune into this aspect of our being.

So, take your two arms, wrap them around yourself, and say Happy Valentine’s Day! You’re worth it and so much more.

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