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cooling ayurveda

Beat the Heat: 5 Simple Ayurvedic Tips for a Cooler Summer

Summer is here! You may enjoy hot summer days, or literally wilt and groan in the sun! According to Ayurveda, this is partly because of your constitution (prakriti) or imbalance (vikrati). Summer is Pitta Season (the principle of fire and water) and normally a time to go on vacation, swim, barbeque, play outdoors, sip cool …

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Tridosha-Balancing Green Chutney

Chutney is a spicy Indian condiment which made of ingredients including fruits and  vegetables, sugar and spices, herbs, coconut, vinegar, salt, pepper, and more. Ingredients can be altered or added to make the chutney suitable to your dosha or personal taste. It’s a great way to incorporate all six tastes—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and …

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The Whys and Hows of Quality Sleep

John Cordle, a highly experienced captain in the American Navy was commanding a routine training exercise in the Baltic Sea, helming USS Oscar Austin, a guided-missile destroyer, with three other destroyers behind this one. Cordle had run without sleep for 36 hours. As the ship settled into its passage, Cordle tottered, trying to stay awake. …

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Ayurveda 101: Keto, Paleo, Vegan, & Raw Diets

From using ketones as a source of energy, to eating like the hunter people from the Paleolithic era, to giving up milk and dairy in your diet, to consuming exclusively raw foods—we are on a hamster wheel of diet regimes. Paleo, Keto, vegan, raw diets—there is a constant churn of diet fads to fulfill people’s …

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Finely Tuned

While sensitive kids might be introverts or extroverts, they are sponges. In a world with gun violence, war, dying glaciers and oceans, entire species facing extinction, and refugees living desperate lives, the news of the world can be intensely overwhelming to young people who notice and process everything deeply.

age proof brain

Age-Proof Your Brain with Ayurveda

“Biological aging is not tied absolutely to chronological aging and it may be possible to slow biological aging and even reduce the possibility of suffering from age-related diseases such as dementia,” writes Ruth Peters from Care of the Elderly, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, London. As we age our brain shrinks and cognition, as well …

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